Saturday, February 28, 2015

Yoga Inspiration

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The other day I was in NYC with my little one. We visited the Jivamuktea Yoga Cafe and sipped on the most delicious smoothies. On our way out my daughter said "Mum, look at this, I wish we could all live this way, it would be so nice." Yes, it would and I wish the same. This is what she saw.

Ten Yogic Rules

1. Do not harm

2. Do not steal

3. Do not lie

4. Be modest

5. Do not be greedy

6. Be clean in thought, word and deed

7. Be content

8. Work hard, be disciplined

9. Study

10. Dedicate your efforts to the Divine.


  1. Very wise rules! How lovely to be able to pop over to New York City for an outing! I love your image with all the energy bubbling out of the centre! Thanks for popping into my place recently! I'm glad I found you again! I did it by just clicking on your icon on one of your older comments on my blog. It brought me here! Have a lovely Sunday. It's raining here!

  2. I agree. Very wise words and something we all hope to attain.

  3. That would be nice! Your daughter is very wise.

  4. A wonderful list of rules to live one's life by.


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