Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Blue Lotus Botanicals.

I was fortunate enough to be given these gorgeous creams by Blue Lotus Botanicals which make the most lovely pure, artisanal herbal products for the body. I have been using their winter rescue remedy on my face all winter to counteract the bitter cold. My poor weather-beaten skin gratefully drank in the goodness and regained its balance. Now I'm loving these offerings. I'm picky about what products I use, after all the skin is the body's largest organ. I'm not happy to apply fancy creams that may smell nice but are loaded with chemicals and could do harm to my body and the environment. These lovely creams have been made by a master herbalist with truly pure ingredients so one can luxuriate in safety. Very importantly they're cruelty free products, certified by I find it's disappointingly hard to find cruelty free beauty products but it's a must for me.

Let me take you through them one by one.

The Arnica Soothing Muscle Rub is a dream come true for a yogi after a challenging workout. Arnica has long been used for aching muscles, strains and bruises. Here it is combined with St John's wort flowers and whipped up into a light cream which is SO soothing to rub onto sore muscles. I went to a yoga class this morning where we attempted compass pose (for me the most challenging of all poses) which looks like this:

So yes, I was in need of some muscle rub after. It soothed as it sank into my lower back, there is just the right amount of menthol added, sometimes I find that muscle rubs are very highly mentholated which basically just numbs the area. Not so with this, it relaxed and soothed - perfect!

I think my favorite cream is the Spring Skin Elixir Facial and Body Cream. It smells simply divine with a base of elderflower and white tea. It soaks into the body after a shower leaving no greasy residue. I've been extravagant and used it as a body cream rather than as a face cream although I would happily use this as an overnight facial treatment.

The Herb Infused Shea Butter Cuticle Cream has earned a spot on my night stand. Made from calendula, chamomile and St John's wort it's the perfect overnight treatment for cuticles with a relaxing bedtime fragrance.

Finally lets talk about our crowning glory. Mine's been through a lot this winter and the result is a dried out straw like consistency that sticks straight up when the wind blows. Not a great look. It needed some serious TLC and this Coconut Oil Hair Rescue really did come to the rescue. I'm looking a lot sleeker as a result. I plan to use this every Sunday night while watching The Good Wife:)

I love these Blue Lotus Botanicals products. They're straight from nature, they'll make your skin and hair look, smell and feel lovely. I hope you'll enjoy them as much as I do. For more information check out their website here.

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  1. Thank you for introducing me to these wonderful sounding creams. I feel the same as you about what I put on my skin. I love the natural presentation of these pots too and the ingredients sound wonderful!


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